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The Academy expands knowledge to professionals in the mental health community and beyond, using a conscious, experiential, and evidence-based format. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive health and wellness to all, by empowering personal and professional growth and confidence.

Core Beliefs


Integrative training hub for individual, group and community practice. We draw from multidisciplinary sources, going further than traditional Western medical model, fostering like-minded community within the field. We acknowledge the importance of balancing evidence-based Western science with Eastern Medicine, ancient wisdom, inclusive knowledge, and indigenous based practices.



Multiple forms of content with engaging educational formats and guided practices and techniques. Our content is intentionally crafted for the empowerment of mental health practitioners and their clients.


Evidence Based

Courses taught by licensed mental health professionals and experts from a variety of disciplines. We utilize current evidence, professional experience, and ancient wisdom to offer you cutting edge material. While it can be overwhelming at times to weed through all of the information out there on your own, you can feel confident that our materials are thoroughly vetted by our team of experts before we ever send it your way.


Available Now

3-Core Integrative is a training program to become a certified integrative mental health professional with the credentials of IMHP.

This course is beneficial for all levels of practice from the newbie therapist to the senior clinician. After taking this course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to utilize cutting edge and innovative interventions, techniques and resources.

This activity is pending approval from the National Association of Social Workers.

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Integrative Conversations is a series sponsored by the Academy of Inclusive Integrative Mental Health. Each episode, we host lively and informative conversations with some of the most influential and cutting edge professionals and experts from a variety of disciplines. These conversations are geared towards mental health professionals or people interested in holistic mental health.

Land and Labor Acknowledgement

Our main operations occur in current day Louisville, KY in what is known as the Ohio River Valley. This river is born from the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers in current day Pittsburgh and flows westward into the Mississippi River, which flows to the Gulf of Mexico. The name "Ohio" comes from the Seneca language word, Ohi:yo' (oh-hee-yoh), lit. "Good River”.

We acknowledge all of the more than human beings; plants, animals, mineral, bacteria, fungi and reptiles and beyond that have been growing and decaying, moving and planted for millions of years here. The first people of this land have a history that spans 11,000 years that we know of and many groups of people have lived, hunted and stewarded this land including:

  • Osage (pronunciation - oh sage —wah-zah-zhay)

  • Hopewell/Adena

  • Shawnee (Shawano)

  • Cherokee (pronunciation - Juh luh gee)

We honor all of the indigenous nations and their land with great gratitude and acknowledge the genocide and continuous displacement of indigenous peoples. We also acknowledge the enslaved Africans whose labor built our nation during the colonial era and beyond. We acknowledge the harm inflicted upon the indigenous communities and people of color across the country, which inspires our ongoing work.

Because most of our courses are online at this time, we also want to acknowledge the structures in which our technology is mediated, including somewhere around 75 million servers half a million miles of undersea cable sit on unceded indigenous land and diverse ecosystems. We also acknowledge the rare minerals that are used and mined for our technology. Specifically, the Democratic Republic of the Congo - whose brutal civil war is financed by the mining and extraction of the three T’s (conflict minerals are tin, tantalum, tungsten).

Please see our Statement of Inclusion on our About Us page to see our commitments and work we are doing to actively dismantle oppressive systems and navigate reconciliation and reparations, specifically in the mental health field.

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