3-Core Integrative
Certification Course

3-Core Integrative is a launching point for mental health professionals to learn about inclusive, integrative modalities, using a model that is evidence-based and tested. Integrative, or alternative, practices are often seen as "less scientific" in the Western world, but with over 150 peer-reviewed references 3CI gives you the real-world tools and confidence to incorporate integrative mental health care into your personal and professional life.

Our model is built upon the three cores of integrative care- Mindfulness, Movement, and Nutrition- but goes much further than general integrative knowledge to expand upon the harmful, exclusionary aspects of holistic health care. We utilize a Social and Environmental lens in every module of 3CI; acknowledging the impact that often-overlooked factors have on our clients' lives and health. Explore how chronic stressors like pollution, racism, and poverty impact the wellbeing of your clients and identify culturally-competent resources to make your integrative practice more accessible.

Mindfulness, Movement, and Nutrition are the three most research-backed components of integrative care- but are often neglected or under-utilized when it comes to mental health care. This course offers extensive theory, research, and evidence surrounding these three cores in relation to mental health and overall wellbeing. Learn how to ethically, practically, and authentically work with these components into your practice while understanding and addressing barriers your clients may face.

At A Glance

  • Various Forms of Instruction to Support All Learning Styles

  • Comprehensive Follow-Along
    Self Growth Workbook

  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets, Handouts, and Practices for Client + Clinician

  • Evidence-Based Content From Over 150 Peer-Reviewed References

  • Integrative Mental Health Professional (IMHP) Credentials

Continuing Education

Why 3CI?

The 3-Core Integrative certification training is beneficial for all levels of practice- from the newbie therapist to the senior clinician. We have gathered knowledge from a variety of experts across the spectrum of inclusive, integrative mental health and wellness. After taking this course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to utilize innovative, cutting edge interventions, techniques, and resources.

We understand that by prioritizing our own health and wellness we are better able to support our clients in their journeys. That's why this course is designed to not only help you develop professionally, but personally as well. 3CI offers a comprehensive self-growth workbook for you to use to engage, embody, and integrate the research and guided practices in each module to your personal wellness plan and beyond.


Learn at your own pace with our user-friendly platform and share ideas, questions, and network through discussion boards. Our team is available to provide quick, reliable support for any questions or issues you may have.

Real-World Application

Use integrative assessment tools, treatment planning templates, handouts, and interventions immediately upon registration. Enhance both personal and professional pursuits with our guided practices and videos.

IMHP Credentials

Receive recognition with Integrative Mental Health Professional credentials, frameable certificate, and access to a private consultation networking group on Mighty Networks. Join our community of professionals all working within the inclusive, integrative mental health field.

Why Inclusive, Integrative Mental Health?

Inclusive, integrative mental health supports a systems approach to mental health utilizing both conventional and alternative treatments within a holistic framework. This model supports mind, body, and spirit with a multi-system, collaborative approach.

While traditional counseling methods concentrate on the client's psychological symptoms and consequences (cognitive and behavioral), holistic or integrative therapy includes physical (nutrition, gut health, impacts of chronic stress, movement, etc.) and spiritual contexts as well as environmental factors (pollution, social supports, systemic, cultural contexts, etc.). Moving beyond a basic understanding of mindfulness, movement, and nutrition with this bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach empowers you to meet clients where they are and sustain lasting impact on your personal and professional development.

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3CI Reviewers


Dr. James Lake

Dr. James Lake is a Board-certified psychiatrist practicing on the central California coast. He has lectured annual meetings of the American Psychiatric Association and other national and international conferences on non-conventional and integrative mental health care.

Dr. Lake is visiting assistant professor of medicine at the Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona School of Medicine and was previously on clinical faculty in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at Stanford. He founded and chaired the American Psychiatric Association's Caucus on Integrative Psychiatry and is Chair emeritus of the International Network of Integrative Mental Health.


Dr. Amanda O'Bryan

Dr. Amanda O'Bryan is a meditation teacher who enjoys the challenge of combining science and spirituality to create a new method of teaching, and a perspective that is both modern and meaningful. Before becoming a full-time meditation teacher, Amanda worked as a psychology professor. She earned her PhD in experimental psychology in 2012, and brings that knowledge of human behavior and the brain to her teachings.

Amanda strives to create a compassionate and non-judgmental learning atmosphere. She understands that life bombards us with stress and chaos, and gives her students powerful tools to accept and transform these obstacles.

Here's what 3CI graduates are saying...

I feel like the assessment questions are perfect for easily integrating into an intake interview. It was great to have the links to assessments that I could use in session.

Marie C.
Therapist + Yoga Teacher

After completing the certification process, I feel well-equipped to meet my clients' various needs through traditional therapy methods in conjunction with integrative treatment options. I would highly recommend this training to any mental health professional who is interested in expanding their skill set and meeting clients' needs in a more holistic way.

Cassie B.

I found this to be an excellent course. You are provided a wealth of information that is useful and applicable in the work I do. On the massage therapy, yes, yes, yes! I also utilize aromatherapy in my practice (personal and professional) and was happy to see this included.

Cecelia F.

I really enjoyed this course! I feel like I learned about a whole new world of possibilities! I plan on revisiting and reviewing this material often and have been inspired to do my own research. 

Gaby H.

Very thorough training. I very much enjoyed learning this material and look forward to slowly integrating it into my practice.

Mary A.
Social Work Trainee

I'm looking forward to utilizing these practices.  Also, the training reminded me to take better care of myself and how to incorporate 3CI into my own self care/wellness.

Vanessa B.