About Us

The Academy expands knowledge to professionals in the mental health community and beyond, using a conscious, experiential, and evidence-based format. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive health and wellness to all, by empowering personal and professional growth and confidence.

Statement of Inclusion

We recognize that at this time, our leadership consists of a mostly-white, female team who occupy memberships of various cultural groups. We acknowledge the privilege, implicit bias, and embedded white-bodied supremacy inherited in our experiences as white mental health practitioners. Our commitment to the work of decolonizing/unsettling mental health includes educating ourselves by participating in workshops, classes, conversations and study groups. We are actively opening to discomfort by critically looking at organizational structures and societal conventions, challenging the façade of performative allyship, and emphasizing an attitude of life focused on awareness and growth. We accept that decolonizing/unsettling mental health is a life-long pursuit in which there will always be more to learn and unlearn.

In our educational content we integrate a social and environmental lens where we address factors often overlooked by mainstream mental health systems such as: recognizing harmful aspects of holistic health culture, identifying culturally compassionate resources, distinguishing how pollution/climate change, poverty, racism, and other chronic stressors impact health, and much more. We strive to elevate voices and stories that have historically been silenced or misappropriated, by offering a space for reciprocal learning and connection. We remember that we are a part of an ecosystem, shared with more than human beings. Our understanding of justice, equity, sovereignty and sacredness, extends to all beings and elements in the universe.

Our team members have made commitments to continue to work towards personal decolonizing/unsettling mental health in their own bodies, minds and professional practices. We are committed to learning about our own racism, White bodied supremacy and implicit bias, acknowledging and centering BIPOC voices in the mental health community to promote continued justice for our people and the planet. 5% of our profits will be offered monthly with the following organizations that share our mission in supporting wellness for all; Native Wellness, Soul Fire Farm Reparations and Change Today, Change Tomorrow Inc.

In our growing and learning, we always welcome feedback and input. Please reach out through our contact page with any questions or comments.

Meet the Team

Juniper Owens, LCSW, LMT, IMHP
Co-Founder & Director

Juniper attended Advanced Massage Therapeutics to receive her education as a licenced massage therapist in 2002. They studied basic herbal medicine at the Australasian College of Health Sciences (now called American College of Health Sciences) in 2004. They also earned their certification as a personal trainer from the American Council of Exercise (ACE) in 2017.

Juniper received both her bachelors and masters degree in social work from the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville in 2010. Juniper is currently a licensed clinical social worker in the state of KY.

Juniper is certified in EMDR and as a Crisis and Suicide First Responder. She is certified as a level 2 Ecotherapist with the Earthbody Institute and a Yasaei Shinrin Yoku guide and practitioner with the Wildcraft Forest School. Juniper is also certified in mindfulness based stress reduction, level 1 Non Violent Communication and has advanced training in essential oils, gut health/nutrition for mental health, wilderness survival skills, wilderness first aid and health at every size fitness instruction.

They have also studied with the Center for Mindful Ecotherapy, Animas Valley Institute, Passionist Earth and Spirit Center and the Non Violent Communication Academy.

Juniper is currently in training as a Work That Reconnects (WTR) facilitator with the Spiral Journey Facilitator Development Program and is enrolled with the Music as Medicine Project monthly WTR facilitator group.


Juniper is currently serving as the director of the Academy and is the co-founder and Director of Education & Ecotherapy at Bridge Counseling and Wellness, an integrative mental heath and wellness center in Louisville, Ky. Following her passion for education, Juniper served as an adjunct instructor at the Kent School of social work for 5 years teaching Human Behavior in the Social Enviornment. They are now focusing solely on educational facilitation here at the Academy. You can also find her interviewing guests on our podcast Integrative Conversations and making connections with amazing healers, professionals, change agents and scholars to highlight unique voices in the mental health field.

Clinically, Juniper utilizes a combination of somatic ecotherapy, mindfulness-based CBT, transpersonal and positive psychology, ancestral healing, ceremony/ritual, dream work, guided imagery, rites of passage, ecological framework and non-ordinary state techniques in office and out-of-office sessions. Juniper sent several years specializing in working with mild-severe anxiety issues such as PTSD, OCD, panic disorder and phobias and has experience as a case manager working with substance abuse, homelessness and housing, school based therapy, community organizing, program development and leadership in non-profit organizations. Juniper has used the 3-Core Integrative approach specializing in the treatment of anxiety and chronic stress with great success for the last 7 years.

Juniper's passion and soul work is focused on environmental and social justice based community work and activism. They have a lifetime of experience in the wilderness (kayaking, backpacking and hiking) and leading outdoor adventure groups. Juniper leads donation based guided Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing walks for the community as well as other outdoor and nature connection programs. They are also the president of the Shinrin Yoku Society of Kentuckiana and a founding member of the Southeast Ecotherapy Alliance and a certified KY Master Naturalist.

Favorite Course

Juniper loves all the courses at the Academy and appreciates an eclectic approach. Her current favorite is Shinrin-Yoku in Clinical Practice.

Off the Clock

Juniper is obsessed with the largest of trees and mountains and the smallest insects and lichens. You can find them, barefoot hiking, tinkering with musical instruments, playing with her bff Zulu, foraging for plants and shrooms, playing with fire, floating on a lake or nurturing an intimate group of human companions, including their partner and adult twin sons.

Current not guilty pleasure - watching Outlander and reading only the first half of 5 books at a time.

Nicole Sartini, M.Ed., LPCC, NCC, IMHP
Co-Founder & Educator

As Clinical Director and CEO of a successful integrative mental health group practice, Nicole oversees all staff training, procedures and policies, as well as maintains a self-care oriented workplace culture. Nicole is the recipient of several awards, including Most Admired CEO in 2019. She is a leader in the field of mental health and leadership development. In addition, she has studied in nutrition coaching and has advanced training in Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Nicole facilitates talks in corporate settings on self-care, work-life balance, and empowered living utilizing an integrative approach. Nicole is an Holistic Psychotherapy Expert and monthly contributor to Good Therapy, and writes for several local and national publications.


Nicole Sartini has been practicing therapy professionally since 2010 and working in the field as a non-professional since 1999. Sartini’s specialty is helping adults who are recovering from difficult childhoods, leaders who are looking to find more balance in their lives and high-functioning individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression. She also specializes in assisting individuals going through major life changes such as entering adulthood, starting or graduating from college, getting married, making job changes or preparing for or adjusting to the birth of a child. 

Nicole practices from Bridge Counseling and Wellness, an integrative mental health and wellness center in Louisville, KY, where she’s the Co-founder and Executive Director. She is also a content creator and speaker who regularly presents talks and workshops to local, national and global companies on topics such as managing mental load and achieving healthy work life integration. An avid writer, Nicole is a contributor to GoodTherapy.org <http://goodtherapy.org/> and many other business and mental health related publications and is a frequent mental health expert on local news. As a Mental Health Counselor and Psychotherapist, Nicole’s counseling practice involves integrating traditional talk therapy with mind-body work through the practice of mindfulness, the use of diet and exercise, nutritional supplements and an emphasis on developing a healthy self image.

In 2010, Sartini published a therapeutic children's book called "A Safe Place for Me.” With a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women, she was able to provide copies in bulk to every residential children's home across the state. She has volunteered for the Prevention, Education and Advocacy on Campus and in the Community Program (PEACC) at the Univ. of Louisville, as an ESL teacher at Kentucky Refugee Ministries and served as a member of the Children Exposed to Violence Collective Impact Initiative, now known as Children’s Shield. Most recently, Nicole has been involved in social justice work via the Parents for Social Justice 502 Supply Squad and as a member of Therapists for Protestor Wellness, a group of therapists led by Black women who provide therapeutic support to local activists. 

In addition to her respected work in the mental-health field, Nicole is also a noted business leader. In 2019, she was named by Louisville Business First to the publication’s first class of Most Admired CEOs. The group of 25 leaders span important industries in Louisville, from health care, to manufacturing, financial and construction.

Favorite Course

3-Core Integrative Certification Course

Off the Clock

Nicole’s interests include evolving her understanding of the human brain and human behavior, dancing, meditation, spending time outdoors, creating art and making deep, meaningful connections with others. Nicole is fascinated by unexpected juxtapositions and has an affinity for living.

Laurel Sims-Stewart, M.Ed., ATR, LPCC, IMHP
Content Developer

BA in Psychology with a minor in Studio Art from the University of Kentucky, 2009; M.Ed. in Counseling with a Concentration in Art Therapy from the University of Louisville, 2012


Laurel is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a background in art therapy. She completed her M.Ed. in Counseling with a Concentration in Art Therapy from the University of Louisville in 2012. Laurel is the recipient of the 2019 Bridge to Light Award for Child Counseling and Support. She also serves on the board of the Kentucky Art Therapy Association. In her work with the Academy, Laurel assists in content production, development, and training. She is also co-host of the Academy's Integrative Conversations podcast.

In her clinical work, Laurel specializes in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, and life stage transitions. Throughout her time in practice, she has always gravitated toward an integrative, insight-based approach that also includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and meditation, psychoeducation, and expressive techniques. She encourages all of her clients to take an active role in writing the narrative of their life by including elements of mind, body, and spirit throughout.

Favorite Course

Self-Care Crash Course for Mental Health Professionals - we all need these reminders to take care of ourselves!

Off the Clock

Lover of 90s rock songs that feature saxophones, feminist theology, Mr. Rogers, and crunchy peanut butter. Enneagram 9w1. Fictional character she relates to most closely is Ferdinand the Bull.

Stephanie Batts, LPCC, IMHP
Course Creator

Stephanie received an M.A. in Professional Counseling from McKendree University in Illinois, and recently received a post-graduate certificate in Couple Therapy.


Stephanie is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, as well as a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner. Stephanie began her career helping teens and their families in crisis situations. Later, she worked at a community mental health facility serving both mental health and substance abuse clients. She has worked with a diverse population of individuals, couples and families. Stephanie is passionate about creating resources for clients that are helpful tools in utilizing integrative practices for a variety of issues.

Favorite Course

I really like the Movement for Mental Health course. The somatic elements I find very powerful not only in my work but in my own life.

Off the Clock

Stephanie spends free time hanging out with her two adult sons and her adorable dog Ziggy. She enjoys all things creative including art, music and poetry. She is happiest in the trees and/or around water, she describes breathing easier in those spaces. Since turning 50 she has been working to check things off of her super long bucket list. Of course the pandemic has slowed her progress but she did get hiking in the southwest and skydiving checked off.

Rozlyn Newman
Curator of Social Operations

Rozlyn graduated with a degree in psychology and criminal justice, with a focus in correctional rehabilitation, from the University of Cincinnati in 2018.


After finishing her undergrad, Rozlyn moved back to Louisville, KY and began working at Bridge Counseling and Wellness as their Operations Manager. Her goal is to one day run her own integrative center to support previously incarcerated individuals. Within the Academy of Integrative Mental Health, Rozlyn oversees our social media presence, including content creation and promotional production. She also curates our live seminars, working to provide the most distinctive training environments. Rozlyn teams up with local, ethical businesses and vendors in each city we visit to create truly unique experiences that embody the Academy's Integrative Mission.

Favorite Course

How to Manage Mental Load: Restoring Balance During Your First Global Pandemic

Off the Clock

When she's not working you can find Rozlyn finding ways to not do her laundry, doing her own acrylic nails, or playing video games like Minecraft and Cities Skylines! She lives in an absolute zoo of an apartment with her partner and their two cats, snake, and lizard!

Natoya Jones, M.A., M.Ed.
CEU Manager/Consultant

An achievement-oriented professional with extensive experience in educational leadership, educational consulting, school improvement coaching, training, program development and operations management.


I love to see everyone that is committed to a task, whether personally, professionally or spiritually, succeed. I believe in empowering those around me and contributing to the success of others.

Favorite Course

My favorite course is Meditation for Mental Health Professionals.

Off the Clock

When I’m not working, I enjoy playing Scrabble with my family....because I always WIN! I also enjoy laughing, talking and reading.

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We provide consultation and strategic planning of mental health services to individuals, businesses, and leaders in a variety of roles. Whether you are a clinician who wants to incorporate an inclusive integrative mental health model into your practice or you are in a leadership position in a large health care system, we can guide you!

Our consultation services include clear guidelines and ethical considerations in inclusive integrative mental health treatment as well as a customized plan to help you reach your professional or institutional goals. We specialize in assisting individuals in private practice as well as organizations looking to diversify their treatment approaches and improve client results.