Mental Health News Updates – November ’22

By Juniper Owens | Dec 9, 2022

Research Review A new study reports that major political events affect the public’s collective well-being, sleep, and mood. It might seem intuitive that major sociopolitical events could harm one’s sleep,…

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Mental Health News Updates – October ’22

By Juniper Owens | Nov 9, 2022

Adderall Shortage The FDA has confirmed an Adderall shortage, and people are directed to contact their mental health professionals if they are affected. So what do we need to know?…

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The Layers of Body Image

By Rozlyn Newman | Jul 4, 2022

Laurel: It’s summer! Time to be totally inundated with body image stuff of all flavors, am I right?? Do you all experience this more in the summer, or is it…

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#TherapyBuzzwords: Searching for a Diagnosis

By Rozlyn Newman | May 4, 2022

Laurel: Okay y’all, so , we are here to talk *therapy buzzwords* this month! I feel like there are so many terms that we used to only hear in clinical…

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Cultivating a Compassionate Start

By Laurel Sims-Stewart | Jan 4, 2022

I have a weird love for going back and looking at my Instagram story archive. For those that are not on the ‘gram, this is a feature that allows you…

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Embracing Winter

By Stephanie Batts | Dec 4, 2021

For those of us in regions where the winter hits hard, it’s not hard to see the impact on our mental health. Even though Autumn is my favorite season, I…

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Walk and Talk Therapy

By Juniper Owens | Nov 4, 2021

As many mental health professionals can attest to, sitting in an office all day can be mentally and physically draining. Telehealth adds to the toll, as you are attentively staring…

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