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Understanding and Easing Guilt

By Juniper Owens | Jan 5, 2024

Guilt and shame are 100 percent normal and common human experiences. Every human will encounter these emotions in their lives to varying levels of intensity and distress. In this article,…

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Navigating the New Year: Facing Global Insecurity with Increased Capacity

By Juniper Owens | Jan 2, 2024

Welcome to another year, and as we look ahead, it’s hard to ignore the lingering global insecurities that are seemingly expanding in every direction. From climate change and conflicts to…

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New Year, Diverse Realities

By Juniper Owens | Jan 1, 2024

Well, the sun and the Earth did their thing, and now we’ll all forget what year it is for the next few months (shoutout to my neurodivergent peeps- I know…

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The Shadow Work Journal Phenomenon

By Juniper Owens | Dec 2, 2023

The Shadow Work Journal has recently taken the self-help community by storm, especially for the Gen Z crowd. Touted as an inexpensive yet effective tool for improving mental well-being, it…

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Emotional Aftershocks: Natural Disasters’ Hidden Toll on Mental Well-being

By Juniper Owens | Dec 2, 2023

The increasing intensity of natural disasters, from devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria to catastrophic floods in New Zealand and record-breaking tornadoes in the United States, has left a trail…

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Examining the Link Between Ozempic and Mental Health

By Juniper Owens | Nov 30, 2023

Ozempic, also known by its generic name semaglutide, is a medication primarily approved and prescribed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It operates by mimicking the effects of a…

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Mental Health News Updates – November ’22

By Juniper Owens | Dec 9, 2022

Mental Health News featuring bi-monthly segments, research reviews, headlines, advocacy alerts, and did you know.

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Mental Health News Updates – October ’22

By Juniper Owens | Nov 9, 2022

Adderall Shortage The FDA has confirmed an Adderall shortage, and people are directed to contact their mental health professionals if they are affected. So what do we need to know?…

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The Layers of Body Image

By Rozlyn Newman | Jul 4, 2022

Laurel: It’s summer! Time to be totally inundated with body image stuff of all flavors, am I right?? Do you all experience this more in the summer, or is it…

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