We offer online and in-person education for mental health professionals. We utilize current research, professional experience, and ancient wisdom to offer you cutting edge material. Whether you're looking for certifications, single-subject courses, guided meditations, or webinars, you can find all that (and more!) here. Our content is intentionally crafted for the empowerment of mental health providers and their clients.

If you are a community mental health organization or a large private practice, we offer significant discounts on courses.
For those looking for a more interactive experience, we also offer curated training (brought straight to you!) and team wellness retreats.



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Featured Course

3-Core Integrative - A Certification Course

Available Now

3-Core Integrative is a training program to become a certified integrative mental health practitioner with the credentials of IMHP. This course is beneficial for all levels of practice from the newbie therapist to the senior clinician.

After taking this course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to utilize cutting edge and innovative interventions, techniques and resources.

This activity is pending approval from the National Association of Social Workers.

3CI Testimonials

"As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am always looking for new and creative methods of engaging with my clients. Before taking the 3-Core Integrative Certification Course, I knew about many integrative interventions but lacked the confidence to use many of these in my own practice. After completing the certification process, I feel well-equipped to meet my clients' various needs though traditional therapy methods in conjunction with integrative treatment options. I would highly recommend this training to any mental health professional who is interested in expanding his or her skill set and meeting clients' needs in a more holistic way."

- Cassie, LPCC

"I utilize aromatherapy in my practice (personal and professional) and was happy to see this included. On the massage therapy, yes yes yes!"
- Cecilia, LPCC

"I feel like the assessment questions are perfect for easily integrating into an intake interview.
It was great to have the links to assessments that I could use in session."
- Marie, LPCC


We are committed to offering free resources to empower mental health professionals. Many formal educational programs and professional courses lack resources that are beyond the Western medical model or outside of mainstream treatment approaches. We acknowledge the importance of balancing evidence-based Western science with Eastern medicine, ancient wisdom, inclusive knowledge, and indigenous-based practices. We also offer self-directed resources for your clients to access as supplemental content for therapy.

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We provide consultation and strategic planning of mental health services to individuals, businesses, and leaders in a variety of roles. Whether you are a clinician who wants to incorporate an inclusive integrative mental health model into your practice or you are in a leadership position in a large health care system, we can guide you!

Our consultation services include clear guidelines and ethical considerations in inclusive integrative mental health treatment as well as a customized plan to help you reach your professional or institutional goals. We specialize in assisting individuals in private practice as well as organizations looking to diversify their treatment approaches and improve client results.